〜Lion dance 伝統芸能〜

Two of my “Facebook friends” probably with no connection at all happened to have posted videos of “Lion dance” or 獅子舞 recently.  Because I didn’t know it was still around, I was a bit surprised.  Seeing it at my mother’s parents’ home when I was a child was the last time.  I hear my grandpa was living large when young.  So, various kinds of peddlers came to his house to sell high priced produce; and street performers, as well, for good gift money.

Thinking of it now, seeing Lion dance up close was a unique experience, however, as I was a little child, I just got terrified and cried terribly.






O seas, mountains, rivers/

Of hometown/

Lion’s mask of the New Year lion dance/

Translation and calligraphy by Chio


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