〜Kyoto Hand-made Marché 2020: Day two 京都ハンドメイドマルシェ2020: 二日目〜

First of all, I would like to extend my warm, sincere thanks to all those who came by my booth during these two days.

The organizer of this event says there are nearly 700 booths.  I walked around the venue and found out many of the booths carried accessories of some kind.  And the one that had calligraphic works was only my booth, in other words, I literally was the unique exhibitor in this vast venue.  However, that means at the same time, that there is little demand for such goods.  Thus I renewed my resolution to spread this amazing culture and art with thousands of years of history to the whole world.

Very good things about this event was:

(1) a very important friend of mine said my way of settling up the booth improved a little;

(2) my posts on social media about this event resulted in many positive reactions and encouraging comments.






(1) 大切な友人が、ブースの設営が少し上手になったと褒めてくれたことと

(2) 催しの様子をSNS に投稿したら、好意的な反応や励ましのコメントなどをたくさんもらえたことです。



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