Going back to the point of origin 

This is the very first task that my first calligraphy teacher, the late Mr. Akiyama Kodo (秋山公道) gave me about 57 years ago.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything else when someone comes to me and asks me to teach them basic calligraphy and I always give my new students this same task in the first lesson.  I asked my senior calligrapher how I could teach the beginners differently, and her answer was, “That’s only natural and it can’t be helped.  People can teach only how they were taught, after all.”


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  1. I love your calligraphy and I think it’s fitting to share your love of calligraphy this way when people come to you asking for help. It must be a task with a lot of sentimental importance for you and I think it’s nice to share that with future students.

    • Thank you very much for your comment which is so encouraging for me. I was really fortunate to meet a really distinguished calligrapher who passed away about twenty-five years ago at the age of 92. He and his wife loved me as if I were one of his granddaughters and taught calligraphy very enthusiastically. I have been trying hard to realize his ideal, “pleasure of calligraphy in life” for very long now. The number of those who have met him in person is naturally decreasing steadily. And I myself is beginning to feel a pressed as getting older myself.
      If you happen to have some time to spare, could you visit my other sites?
      Thank you very much.




      • Thanks for sharing more of your story and the links too. He sounds like a truly great teacher and good luck on your quest to share the joy of calligraphy.



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