Dragon in the future これもちょっと古い話


Similarly to my post about the double rainbow, this happened a couple of weeks ago.  I went to enjoy the latter part of the Gion Matsuri, one of the most famous and important festivals in Kyoto.  At the Koiyama Float, I received a chimaki, generally, a kind of rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed, but here, a kind of talisman with a solemn feeling.  The symbol of this float comes from a well-known legend from the ancient China. According to it, there was a torrent upstream of the Huang He River.  If a carp succeeded to climb up this rapid flow, it would change into a dragon.  A story of a carp becoming a dragon is very encouraging for me, mysterious and profound as well.  For, my mother, my first calligraphy teacher and my valued friend are all born under the signof the dragon.


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yushokai について

I live in Kyoto, Japan, where I was born and raised. I began practicing calligraphy at age seven under the late Akiyama Kodo, a distinguished master of calligraphy whose calligraphic works are found even today on stone monuments for public parks and fasciae for long-established businesses. Despite my age, I think I am increasingly active in my calligraphic practice. "My works give the impression of lightheartedness and overflowing vitality, evoking the dance of air and the flow of clear water" is what people tell me, I am happy and proud to tell you. My distinct style has attracted many followers both domestic and abroad. Having continued for over half a century to be evolving as a calligrapher, I am never willing to compromise. May accomplishments: Solo exhibition, 2009 and three group exhibitions in Kyoto, Japan (2011, 2013, 2015) Participation in a group exhibition in Poznan, Poland, November 2017 Productions as requested from individuals, businesses and citizen’s movements



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