Just a little experiment お帰りなさい

The photo shows a result of a little experiment I made to see how my little calligraphy work on a postcard would look after it traveled abroad.  These postcards first flew to the United States and then traveled back to Japan.  An incredibly kind friend there surely made this experiment possible.

Moreover, the two letters are the first letters of the names of my irreplaceable friends who have been extremely supportive for me both mentally and practically to establish a career as a calligrapher.


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私の字を乗せて、ハガキが外国に行ったらどんな風になるのかしら? と。このハガキは、まず日本からアメリカに行って、それからまた帰国しました。もちろんアメリカの親切な協力者あってこそ可能だったことです。






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