Red ogre いつかの夢

Long time ago, when I was still very young, I had a strange dream.

I remember it very clearly still now.  A red ogre is living next to us, and I absolutely love this red ogre and want to marry him.  The red ogre himself also loves me so dearly.  However, my parents are definitely against my marriage with him.  I dash out of my house crying ・・・and burst into the next house of the red ogre and he embraces me so hard.  I am overwhelmed with grief about my parents’ opposition to our marriage.  And the red ogre, too, is crying, hugging me so tight.

・・・”Who” was this red ogre symbolized・・・?

is what I still wonder even now.

Ogres’ scary hollers/


Cherry buds/

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

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