Best friend, pt 2 持つべきものは(その2)


The entry on June 24 was about my mother’s friend, and this one is about mine.

Today is the birthday of that friend of mine who I got acquainted by pure chance. She is sincerely struggling in many phases of life. I always think I should take her as a model, however, I am afraid only thinking is all I have been doing.

The photo shows my little work of calligraphy I am planning to send her as a birthday gift. I really don’t know how someone should feel and think when something like this was sent to as a birthday present, though.

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ひょんなことからお知り合いになれたその方の、今日はお誕生日です。人生のいろいろの場面で頑張っておられます。見習わなければ・・・と思うのですが、どうも思っているだけです。写真は、お祝いに、と私が勝手に思って、お送りしようと思っている私の作品です。これを送られた人はどう思うのかな・・・? と心配ですが、私のお祝いの気持ちです。



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