Girls’ favorite 今日こそひな祭り

D1 D2

As the day before yesterday fell on the first day of March on the old, lunar calendar, naturally, today is the Doll Festival.

I wrote the one on the square paper many years ago, and I myself find it really unskillful! However, somehow I like it and I also like the scroll because the craftsperson did such a wonderful job.

Soft, lively conversation/

On the day of Doll Festival/

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

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写真の色紙の方は、ずいぶん前に書いたもので、自分でも拙い! と思いますが、何故か好きです。掛け軸の方は、表具屋さんがとても素敵に仕上げてくださったので、好きです。



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