First solo exhibition


*Date:January 31 and February 1, 2009

*Venue:Shibunkaku Museum (in Japanese)

One day suddenly I found I had already created many works which were displayed in the annual exhibitions of my teachers’ school had many times, of various fashions, that is, made to scrolls, set in frames and panels, and what not.  In addition, some of my senior calligraphers strongly urged me to give a solo exhibition.  And my first exhibition was held as above.

At first, I was helplessly afraid that holding an exhibition would be just getting out of my depth, and I had a number of difficulties for certain.  It turned out, however, that so many friends visited it, far greater number of people I expected.  And what is more, not only during the two-day session, but even before and after the exhibition, great help and assistance and warm kindness and consideration were given to me from my friends, which renewed my deep gratefulness to the people around me and realization about how many happy encounters I have enjoyed in my life until then.

As a matter of fact, more than one person suggested to me at totally different occasions to let the visitors at the exhibition try doing calligraphy themselves.  And this attempt was an incredible success!!  I was really amazed to see how many people wanted to try calligraphy casually, just a little.  Moreover, seeing those people enjoy writing their favorite characters and phrases without any indecisiveness or hesitation was wonderfully admirable.  Witnessing the scene, I was determined to try hard for those who are interested in calligraphy even a little and to help attain their wishes for their own creation.  In short, I was convinced that I must devote myself to be functioning to realize my teacher’s grand dream of “the pleasure of calligraphy in daily lives”.

In another blog I will write about the pieces displayed in this solo exhibition with my thoughts, as well as my new works.

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