I love taking calligraphy lessons! お稽古、楽しい!

The task for today’s practice session;… 続きを読む

Spring rain 花の雨

Cold rain in the season of the bloomin… 続きを読む

Visiting the grave, at last やっとの事で

This month I finally got to visit the … 続きを読む

Fondness for a color 長年の好み

My mother loves clothing of indigotic … 続きを読む

Written oracle 静かなパワースポット

Yesterday, coincidentally, fell on the… 続きを読む

The Rolling Stones! 流石転石!

I went and enjoyed the exhibition abou… 続きを読む

Women love their hair 髪は女の命

  Yesterday I took my mother to a… 続きを読む

Good deal of walking! 歩きましたよ!

For the last three or four days, I rea… 続きを読む

Mysterious and fascinating pictures タロットカード

On this rainy day in spring, I went to… 続きを読む