Just a little experiment お帰りなさい

The photo shows a result of a little e… 続きを読む

Happy birthday! 甲骨文字でお祝い

Today marks the birthday of the wife o… 続きを読む

Name of her company 向日葵

An old friend of mine asked me to writ… 続きを読む

Four fans 既に海外へ

I have already sent abroad these four … 続きを読む

Presentation 馬子にも衣装

Since these are quite small (calligrap… 続きを読む

Calligraphy on postcards お気軽に!

For some time, I have been thinking of… 続きを読む

Three more fans 暑過ぎて

As the hot days of unbearable heat nev… 続きを読む