Passing through space and time 鳥肌立っちゃう!

On Saturday, I went to see the exhibition of the original pictures by Ms. Moto Hagio. It was such a thrilling experience. She certainly is a great talent.

In comparison, my calligraphy looks so commonplace and uninteresting.

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Season of chrysanthemums 菊花開

The phrase says this is about the time chrysanthemums bloom.

Now, I remember my late father was pretty pleased with my flower arrangement of only chrysanthemums displayed at our entrance when I was young and practicing Japanese style flower arrangement, Ikebana, like many other Japanese young women. And I was extremely surprised, because my father was a kind of person who would not notice flowers or any other decorations, if there were any. I realized then the flowers had a big presence.

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Free movement of the brush 変に男性的かも知れない

“The moon” is a seasonal word for autumn in haiku composing. The photo shows my work of six or seven years ago. The third letter from the last represents “the moon”. The last three letters are “the moon”, “near” and “the people”.

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Basic variety 外国の人に見て欲しいもの

One is a hanging scroll with a haiku written in kana or a calligraphy style with Japanese alphabet, and the other is a scroll to be spread on a table with kanji or Chinese characters work. Will these serve as samples to show to the people in the Western World?

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Which do you prefer? 長鋒で書いたのと普通の筆を使ったのと

Both have same motif, a tanka poem <> with a dash of grotesqueness by Chūya Nakahara. <ūya_Nakahara


For the yellow paper, I used a brush with a batch of longer tissues than normal ones, while for the white paper, I used a normal type of brush.

As you may be aware, it is difficult to handle a brush with long hair skillfully. But if you succeed, it can create interesting lines, and I like using those brushes.


When I open my eyes on a winter night/

I fancy an apparition of a girl with silver eyes/

Stands in the darkness/

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

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