Autumn red flowers in the field 曼珠沙華

922 922 9-22

I keep taking walks a couple of times day after day asked by my mother who loves going out. Just despite myself, I made an eardrop from the flowers blooming at the side of our usual walking course and put it on my mother’s ear for fun.

Red spider lilies/

Splendor both/

In clusters and alone/

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

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Invisible harvest moon 見えなかった中秋の名月


Tonight we could have seen the beautiful harvest moon. However, unfortunately it was cloudy. I made this haiku for my mother who loves to see the moon, especially the full moon.

Mother is eighty-eight/

Toward the harvest moon/

Is cloudy sky/

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High calories やはり若者向けの食事

9-13 913

Whenever getting a chance to, I enjoy having lunch at one of the school cafeterias of the college I went to. However, it is too obvious eating here every day will quickly make you fat quite easily.

Putting a fork and a knife/

To the shoulder width/

Oh, month of September/

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

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Happy birthday! 辰年の二人


September 11 was my teacher’s birthday. He was born in the year of dragon, and also my mother was born in the year of that imaginary creature.

“Dragon flies up into the sky.”

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I love taking calligraphy lessons!  お稽古、楽しい!


Having worries or ambivalent feelings, I even couldn’t reach my usual level, unfortunately.

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Happy? どうなんでしょうか?


After my mother wrote this the other day for my old friend, she also created this one, “happiness”. Because the creator herself loves her own work, I had it made to be displayed. I can’t stop wondering if she is happy living with me.

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