月別アーカイブ: 3月 2014

牡羊座の新月 New Moon in Aries





I tend to be thinking about various things on the occasion of the new moon, that is, things during the past two weeks and in the next two weeks. However, I know I must be thinking about my future on a long clock.

Fewer words are uttered/

Being aware it is time/

Of the new moon/

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

く・み・あ・わ・せ(その2) Minor change





The only small difference from the previous attempt is the kind of the cloth.

But I tried this wishing someone in this world would like my style.

春の雨 Rainy day in spring


a b 3.26



It rained actually all day today. I have been feeling lassitude for some time, although I haven’t been active at all.

Spring rain/

Just like untwisting/

Twisted pieces of paper/

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

暑さ寒さも・・・ Old saying






This is higan period in spring, and knowing it will surely be getting warmer, as one of our old sayings goes something like as following. “Summer heat and winter cold doesn’t last after equinox.” “No heat or cold lasts over the equinox.”, you feel calm and relaxed when you clean the family altar and make offerings of food and flowers.

Spring breeze/

Softly blows/

When you offer incense sticks/

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

春分の日 Vernal equinox day





As in Japan, both academic and fiscal years begin in April, the season of spring often marks changes in people’s lives. I learned this poem described departures or journeys. I used to be a little depressed whenever young acquaintances left where I live. However, recently I try to be positive and wish for their success in life.

春の小川 Little stream


little stream 3.19





Rivers that looked bleak during the cold season now have favorable impression.

The photo was taken in the morning, though.

Little stream/

Flows with sweet sound/

Evening in spring/

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

乙女座満月 Full Moon in Virgo






I have been desperately hoping to have substantial changes in life, and that, for a long time.

“Capturing some tail-winds and utilizing them for yourself, you can advance straight ahead, with a solidly set goal.”

From Ms. Yukari Ishii’s horoscope reading for the Gemini’s in the wake of the full moon in Virgo on March 17, 2014.

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

偉い!! (日本画展) Good for you!! (Exhibition of Japanese-style paintings)




始めて5年も経たないうちに展覧会(三人展)が開けるのは本当に偉い!! しかも仕事しながらだし。



People praised my holding a first solo exhibition before I was sixty. However, as a matter of fact, in my case, I had such a long runup period.

I found their talent and eagerness to realize an exhibition (by three artists) within five years of their effort really impressive, especially those of my friend’s who successfully lead the group, engaging in her demanding job.

One more thing, the fact each artist shows her distinctive character indicates that their teacher has a great instruction ability.

春の雨 Heavy rain in spring


3.13 3,13





We had a rainy day after many days. And it was pretty hard.

Thus, in Kyoto, it wasn’t very windy. However, I hear in other regions in Japan, it was rather “storm in spring”.

Springtime rain/

Crossed the wonted bridge/

As usual/

Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko

持つべきものは友 What are friends for?





After many things happened, I got to enjoy the last concert of the band in my life. Moreover, on the next day, I was really glad to meet with one of my good old friends for the first time in years. However, another good old friend of mine who didn’t know I had a chance to enjoy the concert was really worried about me and bought some items of the band for me at the concert venue even though she had to queue up for a VERY long time. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate her kindness and thoughtfulness, as well as the time and trouble she had had for this.

啓蟄なのに雪 Big surprise for worms


3.6 3,6



Yesterday fell on Keichitsu, one of the twenty-four solar terms when it is said that hibernating worms and insects will wake up and begin moving out. We have been enjoying bright sunlight these days, although it has been unusually cold for this time of year.

逆プレゼント  Little coincidence


3.5 3,5




I enjoyed it to my heart’s content as a final chance in my life.

The title of this article means normally I should be the one giving a present.

葉牡丹 Ornamental kale 


3.2 3,2





Because of its lack of showiness, it didn’t attract much of my attention when I was young. However, I think now it looks pretty nice.

In any case, I haven’t expected I would have so much trouble getting a right English word for this plant on the online dictionary I use all the time. In fact, it was quite a surprise.

Tower of kale/

Getting up right in/


Translation and calligraphy by Tomoko